Defending Eliot Spitzer

Hey, he’s a politician who likes adult women. What a novelty after Ted Haggard and Mark Foley.

Let’s see…Until the part about not wanting to use condoms, I figure he didn’t do too badly. He paid for everything, first-class all the way, was discreet, and didn’t pretend he wanted a relationship.

The only part that’s bad — really bad — is that he was crusading against prostitution while availing himself of it. To me, it’s the hypocrisy of that. Better that he should have fought to legalize it and protect sex workers from exploitation. Think of the tax revenues the state lost.

Oh, there is one other really, really bad thing. This broke on him because the bank thought his money transfers were ‘suspicious’. Despite the fact that the amounts were less than the magic 10K Terrorism threshold, someone just didn’t like that there were large sums ($4,300 is LARGE?) moving. That scares me more than the idea of Kristen and Eliot spending a couple of hours together in a five-star hotel.

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