Just Call Me Karoli HUSSEIN

Whaddya think? Today is “Just Call Me Hussein” Day in response to the continuing idiocy over Barack Obama’s middle name.

The amazing thing about this whole dustup is how stupid it is. Can you imagine the field day the pundits and press would have had if Barack HUSSEIN Obama had changed his middle name and it was discovered mid-campaign? These guys don’t get it — he’s not afraid and neither are we.

Michelle Obama called it a ‘fear bomb’. It’s silly for them to try and use a subliminal tactic like this, but since they have, the Momocrats have decided to treat them like the catty brats they are and show them how scary a name can be.

Bill Cunningham is nothing more than a schoolyard bully who has to swagger around with big threatening gestures to show how powerful he is despite his small penis. And like a bunch of sheep, the conservative talkalots get right in line behind him, prompting the mainstream media talkalots to push back with a lot of silly talk too.

Take it from moms: The way to end name bullying is to toss it right back in the bully’s face. HUSSEIN, you say? Well, HUSSEIN this! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to HUSSEIN that, too. And by the way, you’re talking to Karoli HUSSEIN…be afraid. Be very afraid.

Here’s what really ought to scare the conservatives. It isn’t going to work this time. So, Mr. Bill Cunningham, HUSSEIN that.

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