The needle and the damage done…


Evidently Floridians have been injected with the offshore drilling meth now, too.

Have we become a nation of such uneducated, black and white thinkers that no one bothers to go beyond campaign rhetoric to the facts?

Of everything McCain has said in his campaign stops, his specious and irrational touting of offshore drilling as some sort of answer to oil prices (along with the suspension of the federal gas tax, which of course accomplishes nothing but screwing states out of road funds) is to me, the most despicable.

Blood money is funding his campaign. The blood of our shores, of our natural resources, of the wonders of our coasts, sold out to oil companies for campaign donations.

Remember, this is a train the Democrats cannot stop. They stand no chance of placing the moratorium into the budget, because Bush lifted the executive order and will not approve it.

Offshore Drilling: Summary of Talking Points


I wrote these yesterday for someone who was about to have a conversation with the #dontgo folks. Seems like they belong here, with the photos of untainted oceans too.

  1. The entire #dontgo movement is nothing more than political grandstanding, given that the absence of action (see this post for more details) unblocks offshore leases.
  2. There is no obligation on the part of the oil companies who hold drilling rights on these leases to: a) drill at all; and b) keep the oil drilled inside domestic markets. In fact, with a commodity such as oil, it’s far more likely that the oil would be sold on the open market.
  3. Even if the oil companies drill offshore and bring more oil out of the ground, it will have no impact on the prices at the pump, nor is there any guarantee of any impact for a minimum of five to ten years.
  4. Refinery output is the bottleneck. We are not able to process what we can drill at this time, and there are no plans on the table to build more refineries.
  5. Oil companies own patents to some of the best alternative fuel options, but are not doing anything with them. If they opt to drill offshore and exercise those grants, they should be forced to put the patents in the public domain.
  6. If they were truly committed to lower gas prices at the pump, there would be unanimous consent to close the Enron loophole which allows for unbridled price inflation because of unchecked speculation.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

No Offshore Drilling #7


As long as we’re on the subject of drilling and oil, take the time to read and/or view Obama’s energy speech in Michigan. Despite the best efforts of our mainstream media to frame it badly, there were some progressive, aggressive ideas in it that deserve sunlight.

I also believe that in the short-term, as we transition to renewable energy, we can and should increase our domestic production of oil and natural gas. But we should start by telling the oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres they currently have access to but haven’t touched. And if they don’t, we should require them to give up their leases to someone who will.

and this, specifically:

Like all compromises, this one has its drawbacks. It includes a limited amount of new offshore drilling, and while I still don’t believe that’s a particularly meaningful short-term or long-term solution, I am willing to consider it if it’s necessary to actually pass a comprehensive plan. I am not interested in making the perfect the enemy of the good particularly since there is so much good in this compromise that would actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

I still disagree with any effort to open our shores to drilling. I will continue to oppose it. However, I recognize the pragmatic wisdom in choosing not to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

No Offshore Drilling – #3

Highway 1 in the moonlight
Third of the daily postings of images of California shores, untainted by the fingers of Big Oil.

The news that Exxon/Mobil raked in $1,485/second for the entire second quarter of 2008 should spark a loud national dialogue about the control that the Big Oil companies have over our economy, our quality of life, and yes, our environment. Not only was Exxon/Mobil given a huge pass over their destruction caused by the Exxon Valdez, now they are trying to reverse-spin the story with this nonsense:

Exxon Mobil Corp. reported second-quarter earnings of $11.68 billion Thursday, the biggest profit from operations ever by any U.S. corporation, but the results were well short of Wall Street expectations and its shares slumped 3 percent.

The expected takeaway that we’re all supposed to accept is that hey, they made a lot of money but were EXPECTED to make more, so they really didn’t make all that much because they could have potentially made much, much more.

It’s a little like saying that the Bush Administration could’ve killed detainees, but since they only tortured them it’s okay.

John McCain has wrapped his arms around the oil companies and planted a big, sloppy kiss on their foreheads. If he were to be elected, you can count on more nonsense like this, and scenes like the one above will have the added bonus of a few oil platforms in the distance, lighting the night as bright as that moonrise.

Again, on the subject of offshore drilling…

My Newsgang Live friend Christian Burns says that the majority of the country sees offshore drilling as a solution.

In fact, it is no solution at all. As a lifelong denizen of some of the best coastline in the world (right here in California), I am tempted to post a photo every day for as long as need be (and trust me, I have more than enough to do that) of what our coastline looks like right now, as a juxtaposition to the endless blather about how badly we NEED to destroy this for the sake of morning commutes, substandard expectations of vehicle manufacturers, and pandering to the oil companies who already have leases they aren’t exploring.

Offshore drilling is not the answer. Ten years, folks, before any difference is made.

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Every day, John McCain. Every day until you and your party and your buddy Bush figure out that you





without knowing what you’re destroying.

Forgive the obsession, readers, and resign yourself to one seascape mixed in with a healthy smattering of political commentary for awhile.