Sarah Palin: Even Pretty Speeches Need Truth Under Them

First reactions, beyond my rants:

She indicated her support for the continued undermining of the Constitution by criticizing Barack Obama for supporting Miranda vs. Arizona

She ignored the fact that she cut funding for teen pregnancy support in Alaska while claiming family values.

She skipped over the fact that she cut funding for special needs children while using hers to call women to her side.

Her snark didn’t play well with this woman.

They continue to claim some pathway to victory without ever defining victory.

The power of her speech was all in the appearance. The family on the stage at the end was intended to send the message that Mom, Apple Pie, America was there with a true hero thrown in too. It played like a 50’s tearjerker. Of course, the hope is that everyone reacted emotionally, and they did.

A pretty speech, pretty loose on facts, heavy on snark. She made an election about big issues an election about small things.

We really can’t let that happen.

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I'm a 50-something, card-carrying white middle class Democrat, Christian mom of three who abhors just about everything the Republicans stand for. War, bigotry, hypocrisy and hate are un-American.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Even Pretty Speeches Need Truth Under Them”

  1. “Her snark didn’t play well with this woman.”
    haha, come on, that is silly arguement for the leader of the Obama fan club to make. She could of got up and had a Karoli love in and you still wouldn't of liked her because she isn't in on Obama's side!

    I don't know if she did a good job or bad, but claim something didn't play well with you is a bit of lame argument! In fact, its Clinton spin!

  2. I agree, she came across as very sassy and very smug. It didn't play well with me, either. Of course, I'm pregnant and hormonal. But yeah, she only said “Thanks but no thanks” to Congress' bridge money after they pulled it…. and she did get to keep the money, just used it somewhere else.

    Here's a little more fact-checking too:

    Found you on blog nosh and enjoying your insights!

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