Blake Fleetwood: Who’s Tough Like Bush?

Haven’t we had enough of tough? Isn’t it rough, tough and swagger that got us into Iraq in the first place? Isn’t it true that if Bush had used a few brain cells (assuming he has them) before letting that “tough” thing take over, we might have 4,000+ young men and women alive and with their families today?

Well, Blake Fleetwood (a Clinton surrogate) thinks the REAL question for voters tomorrow is whether Obama is ‘tough enough’.

“Clinton has been campaigning as the “fighter” and the tough candidate who can get things done – and most voters agree. Seven in 10 think both she and McCain are tough enough to make the right decisions a President has to make. A smaller number — but still a majority — says this about Obama.”

Voters, tough is not what we need. Tough is for bullies. We don’t need bullies.

Different is what we need.

This poll is nothing more than lies, damn lies, and statistics, or put another way, politics as usual. Of course, if voters really think ‘tough’ is what we need, then my response to their whining in another couple of years when they have what they asked for is…

…Tough. Accompanied by my third finger for being stupid. Again. Evidently our children isn’t learning.

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