Worms, Trojans and Clinton

The first item in my news feed this afternoon was this clip of an Al-Jezeera interview with Barack Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother. Lots of mentions of his “Muslim family” origins, nice shot of his father’s headstone (who shares his name) and of course, much pride from step-grandma about how a ‘native son’ has made good in America.

None of it is bad. None of it paints Barack Obama in a negative light. On its face, it’s all light and sweetness. Sort of like that helpful popup window telling you that there might be a virus on your computer. But when you click on that helpful message, it infects your computer with an insidious virus, worm or trojan that chews your system files from the inside out, spewing all sorts of spam, your credit card numbers, and other personal data into the hands of criminals.

Stay with me here. Another report just popped up saying that of the anti-Obama Democrats, 25% of them believe he is a Muslim.

The Al Jazeera video was posted by Link TV, which on its face, looks like a solid progressive organization. Obama aide Susan Rice was once a director of Internews. Internews is LinkTV’s partner and sponsor of LinkMedia, the non-profit organization that runs LinkTV. Think of this interwoven organizational structure relationship as the helpful popop ad, lying to you.

The obvious question is this: Why would an organization seeking to do good, solid, progressive things post a video from February 6th which subtly reminds the audience that: a) Barack Obama is a black guy; and b) Barack Obama has African family with Muslim-in-name-only associations?

David Michaelis is the Director of Current Affairs at Link TV. David Michaelis is the board liason between Internews and LinkTV too.

David Michaelis is a hefty contributor to Hillary Clinton and has been for some time.

Reviewing the bidding here for a minute:

  1. Big Clinton donors send extortion letter to Nancy Pelosi. (Be sure to read that link, lots of great info about those donors)
  2. Clinton revives the Jeremiah Wright dead horse, reinforcing the “he’s a black guy, be afraid” vulnerability in Pennsylvania voters.
  3. On the other side, Clinton donors release the backdoor trojan, an interview slyly giving rise to the fears of those anti-Obama Democrats that are sure he’s Muslim.
  4. Clinton stands at a rally and reassures the entire country that we will reunite once the nominee is selected, firmly placing herself right in the middle of two opposite fears.

Barack Obama a Muslim or a Black Extremist? Doesn’t matter to Clinton, because she’s right in the middle of either position, like any good moderate should be.

This is why Hillary has lost the nomination, and it is why she deserved to lose the nomination. This is triangulation, the art of creating two extremes and then appearing moderate, while watching the worm work its way through the press slowly, subtly, first slowing them down a bit before the payload hits, and they go off, shredding and melting down any fact while feeding the ignorance of the electorate lapping at the Limbaugh trough.

All of this goes to prove that Samantha Power was right. Hillary Clinton is a monster. Or perhaps more to my metaphor, malware.

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