Only in Dallas?

Okay, the title of this post was a little cheap, but truly, can you imagine that in this day and age the Secret Service would order security details to stop screening people for weapons at the front gates before Barack Obama spoke at Reunion Arena? In a city where JFK was assassinated, they’d stop screening to get people in faster? C’mon, give me a break. I’m not ready to say there’s any conspiracy theories, but it’s just plain dumb and risky to short-circuit security screenings. If we have to wait in airports, folks can wait at stadiums, too.

Check this out:

Security details at Barack Obama’s rally Wednesday stopped screening people for weapons at the front gates more than an hour before the Democratic presidential candidate took the stage at Reunion Arena.

The order to put down the metal detectors and stop checking purses and laptop bags came as a surprise to several Dallas police officers who said they believed it was a lapse in security.

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