Robert J. Elisberg on “The Party of Law and Order”

The attorney scandal is growing by leaps and bounds. As I suspected, the idea germinated somewhere on or around Karl Rove, who of course denies it all. Alberto Gonzales will go, but the buck shouldn’t stop there.

They continue to insist that the idea was first put forth to Gonzales by Harriet Miers. That would be the same Harriet Miers that Bush nominated to the Supreme Court. We should count ourselves lucky that the effort failed spectacularly, because if this idea did originate with her, it proves that she hates our justice system as much as Bush does.

As RJ Escow noted, this scandal will prove itself to be the equivalent of Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre”. Rove and Bush will continue to claim no recollection, but email trails will lead back to them eventually, and already point in that direction.

Robert J Elisberg points out that the Republican party and Bush Administration in particular has now proven themselves to be the enemy of prosecutors, defense attorneys, policemen and even juries. A wonderful quote here:

The Republican Party is no more the “party of law and order” than a kegger is a party of good manners and fine tea.

The next time a Republican struts around, puffing out his chest to make sure you see the plastic flag decal pinned there, and proclaims he’s in the party of law and order, ask whether you can join and if you should bring your toga.

Touche’, Mr. Elisberg.

Does it frighten you at all that we are facing the possibility of one more Bush appointment to the Supreme Court? It should.

Impeach Bush and Cheney now.

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